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LATEST: Click here to view our fundraising results for 2018 projects. Our goal is $18,000 to cover our projects below.

Thank you for your support!

Electric + H20
One month of electricity and water coverage
One month of medical-related expenses
Housing Repairs
Materials expenses to repair one house
New House
Bldg materials and labor for one new house
Salary per week for community improvements
Basic Scholar
One year of basic expenses for one student
Full Scholar
One year of full costs for one student
English Class
Teacher pay per weekly English lesson
One bag of rice (Avg. 10-15 bags a month)
One month of food assist. (rice, oil, protein, veg)
One month of seasonal and emergency costs
One month of diesel for Fred's truck

Should the need for the item you fund through our shop already be met, be assured that your donation will be used to fund another equally important project.