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LATEST: Click here to view our fundraising results for 2017 projects. Our goal was $18,000 to cover basic costs, and we raised $14,887.81. In addition to this, one donor gave enough for ETB to purchase a community truck.

To meet our goal for basic costs for 2017, we need to raise another $3,112.19. Thank you for your support!

H20+ Electric
One month of water & electricity costs
One month of medical-related expenses
One month of building material costs
Basic Scholar
One year of basic costs for one student
Full Scholar
One year of full costs for one student
Community Health
One month of education and preventive care
One month of emergency food assistance
Work Tools
One month of work tools and supplies
One month of seasonal costs, e.g., mosquito nets
Rent & Utilities
One month of land and electricity costs

Should the need for the item you fund through our shop already be met, be assured that your donation will be used to fund another equally important project.


Beyond the Basics

One month of transport and vehicle costs
One month of translator / assistant
One month of community learning center costs
FUNDED! Purchase of a new (used) Toyota or Ford